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We have created these short, sweet, to the point one-on-one sessions with Meghan, our CEO, for a couple reasons:

1. To give you piece of mind when you feel like you need to take action NOW to start moving your business ahead.

2. To give you a taste of what Wildly Digital can do for you!

3. A chance to see how our Wildly Digital process works and to see if we're a good fit together

Image by Domenico Loia
Image by Domenico Loia

One-on-One: Planning Calendar

The planning calendar
Created by Meghan, our chief experience officer.
Meg was just TIRED of not having an overview of what was happening within one of the businesses she was working in.
Low and behold she created this little gem and it has helped so many of our clients:

✅ Have an overview of what is happening within their business
✅ Get fresh new ideas out and maybe even older ideas they didn’t think could be made possible
✅ Have realistic expectations and efficient execution on collaborations and new launches
✅ Identify the tasks and priorities that cause repetition boredom or burn them out AND delegated them
✅Actionable timelines and accountability to them!

Add bonuses:
✅ This baby is 100% customizable to YOUR business
✅ You can have as many pieces as you want moving in your business or as little pieces as you want 
✅Know where you’re business is going and have a roadmap for the next year!

Image by Kevin Bhagat

One-on-One: Funnel Structure

Marketing funnels help your business by guiding potential customers through the buying process. This is starting at the awareness stage to the final purchase.

A funnel structure will also help you identify areas for improvement in your marketing strategy and increase your overall conversion rates.

Which means if you don’t have one you may just be losing out on potential clients, money, opportunities and even ideas!

Maximize your business potential by jumping into one of our new sessions with meg to get a customized funnel. Not only will you now have a  funnel but you'll have the knowledge on HOW to use that funnel.

Image by Kevin Bhagat
Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Mailchimp

One-on-One: Strategy Session

Having a business strategy is one thing that will help you have a clear vision of the actions needed in your business to remain competitive and profitable! 

In this session with Meg you have the opportunity to take whats in your head and get it out into a plan. We know that every business owner has their own ideas for their business.

We're talking, do you want a podcast? A stellar YouTube channel, a catchy trending newsletter? A website with the bells and whistles? This list goes on!

Now is your chance to brainstorm and get a clear path with Meg on your side. She'll answer all your questions from what you have seen on social media and google to questions that pop into your mind during your session.


Your potential is limitless, let's get those ideas out of your brain and into a strategy.

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